Solutions - To Help You Take Control Of The New Normal

Do you have solutions to minimise uncertainties and operating costs so you can maximise ROI on IT spends? Are you just managing and mitigating risks, or have you got a strategy to take control?

At Aplomb Cloud, we can help you with all of those things and adopt innovative and proactive ways to grow business. Our solutions can give you the competitive edge that you’ve been looking for.

Secure Remote Working Solutions

Uncompromised Productivity And Security For Every Business

Remote working isn’t just audio/video calls; it centres on productivity, security, and extending your office network across the Internet. We take a comprehensive approach to its challenges; our solutions include:

≻ Desktop-as-a-Service/VDI

≻ Unified Communications

≻ End-to-end Security

We assess the network’s suitability for many-to-one connections, optimise systems and applications, and undertake stringent IT identity checks and security measures to safeguard business-critical IT infrastructure, all without compromising the quality of service.

Business Continuity Solutions

Resilient, Effective Business Continuity Solutions.

We offer simple, straightforward Business Continuity solutions that work for you:

Backup and Restore: Simple, low-cost Disaster Recovery (DR) measures that back up data and applications from anywhere to the Cloud

Pilot Light: Replicate the most important parts of your IT environment and let the Cloud seamlessly take over in the event of a disaster

Warm Standby: A scaled-down version of your IT environment replicated in the Cloud, extending the pilot light solution to decrease recovery time

Hot Standby: A full replica of your IT environment, running in an ‘active-active’ hybrid solution mode.


Remove Uncertainty. Decide With Confidence.

Prototyping-as-a-Service (PTaaS) is a comprehensive solution to experiment with change management and digital transformation. It begins with understanding business and technological goals/objectives and an audit of the IT environment, which allows development of technical options, and finally culminates in a scaled-down or minimum viable version of the future product/solution. Results are seen within weeks, costing less than the average three-month salary of an IT Engineer.

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of business processes and technologies before choosing the best.

≻ Proof-of-Concept Exercises

≻ Prototype Simulations

≻ Pilot Systems

We remove risk from decision-making.

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