The 6C Framework - Pivot to The New Normal

By: James Rock - Managing Partner, DesignThinkers (UK)

Aug 17, 2020 | 2 minutes read | Aplomb Cloud in partnership with DesignThinkers (UK) | Part-1 here

Part 2 in a series of articles on understanding 'The 6C Framework - Pivot to The New Normal'.

In my last article, here , I focused on how Coronavirus has forced the imperative for change in everyone’s business. In this article I will go a little deeper into my experience of business transformation and managing such change. In over 30 years of being involved in strategy programmes I’ve seen successes, but failures too, and I’ve often been recruited to help recover the latter.

Business Strategy requires vision, analysis, and design skills to take us from ‘As-Is’ to the future ‘To-Be’ state. But there needs to be strategies within strategies. Strategic Design Consultancy can help identify changing user needs and expectations and deliver new and innovative business models. IT Strategy, IT Consultancy and Cloud Strategy can be drivers and enablers of change. HR Strategy will help us redefine organisational structures that optimise the future of how we work. Marketing Strategy can help us to redefine the best way to engage customers and share our new and compelling stories. But all these different strands require managed integration. Diverse perspectives and skills working together can drive innovative improvements and breakthrough performance that leads to sustainable business success.

It was this realisation that led to my collaboration with other experts in the field of Leadership and Culture, IT Management and Systems Integration, and Change Management to define how we might integrate the expertise and skills necessary for successful transformation. Together we pooled our experience and developed our ‘6C’ framework for successful, effective, and sustainable organisational transformation. The reason we call this the 6C Framework is that there are six key and essential elements that we think need simultaneous consideration: -

CULTURE – Culture and leadership are intertwined. One cannot and should not talk about one without considering the other. Leaders provide vision, and leadership behaviours create the organisational culture every day at every interaction;

CO-CREATION - Multiple stakeholders bring together their diverse, professional perspectives, skill-sets and needs, whilst each has different constraints, and bringing these diverse groups together helps to create system-wide empathy and solidarity in developing and delivering sustainable solutions;

CREATIVITY - Innovation is often grouped into three key types - Breakthrough; Sustaining; and Efficiency. But creativity is an essential ingredient across all approaches and there are ways that can be used to make an organisation more creative:

COLLABORATION - this is a key element within a modern workplace. Without it agile transformation and business agility in its true sense will not happen. There are new technologies and tools that make collaboration easier for dispersed teams working together, and for people working from home;

CHANGE - Strategic movement in a new direction often fails. Some two-thirds of change initiatives do not achieve their full goals. To achieve successful and sustainable transformation effective management of change is crucial; and

CONSENT - This is a two-way and essential ingredient to successful change because it is the buy-in from everyone to new ways of working.

Do these themes resonate with you? As this series of article progresses I will explore and discuss each of these critical success factors further. So stay tuned for more brain-food on the journey ahead and share with me your thoughts about these key management issues. Why not signup to get e-mail alerts as new articles are published.

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