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"Aplomb Cloud were instrumental in managing a complex migration of one of our key customers. Their in-depth knowledge of the AWS technologies together with their professional customer engagement ensured all parties remained informed, engaged and confident in what was clearly a successful outcome.": },

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We Bridge Cloud And IT Skill Gaps

Aplomb Cloud is a niche Cloud & IT services provider based in London, UK.

We use the best combination of technologies, services and solutions to meet our customers’ business and IT requirements, and they trust us to augment their IT capabilities with the industry-relevant Cloud skills. We focus on delivering excellence to:

≻ Medium and Small IT Providers & TelCos

≻ Professional-Service Providers

≻ Local Micro and Small Business

Solutions - To Help You Take Control Of The New Normal

Taking control of the new normal means proactively finding new and innovative ways to grow your business, not just managing or mitigating risks.

At Aplomb Cloud, we help you minimise uncertainty and operating costs in the short-term, and maximise ROI on IT spends in the long-term, cementing the foundations for sustainable growth.

We provide catalysts for change, including:

≻ Remote Working

≻ Business Continuity

≻ Prototyping-as-a-Service

Services - That Complement And Enhance Existing IT Capabilities

We provide the plug-and-play technical expertise that’s missing from your in-house IT team or service provider, and we have the specialist skills to undertake complex Cloud and IT projects.

You can rely on us to support you at every stage of the IT lifecycle. We offer:

≻ Technology Consulting

≻ Implementation and Integration Services

≻ Monitoring and Management Services

Technology - As A Means To Achieve Business Outcomes

Our global team of architects, engineers, and security ninjas include certified Azure experts, AWS professionals, Cisco CCIEs, certified Microsoft Office 365 and Oracle rock stars and other pointy heads.

Between us, we can untwist the trickiest of digital puzzles.

Our team’s expertise includes:

≻ Hybrid, multi, and public Cloud

≻ IT Security and Networking

≻ Compute and Databases

≻ Unified Communications

INSIGHTS - Discern And Decide

Work From Home: What Lies Ahead?

Here’s our list of the top five cyber security risks to be aware of when working from home:

1. Lack of unified VPN and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution

2. A Rise in the frequency and intensity of Ransomware and Phishing attacks

3. A lack of end-to-end cyber security measures

4. Delays in adopting zero-trust network architectures

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Cyber Security: Over 140% Rise In Ransomware Attacks

Based on Carbon Black analytics, there’s been a 148% month-on-month increase of ransomware attacks from Feb 2020 to March 2020, this just at the beginning of the WFH wave.

As mentioned in the above paragraphs VPN combined with MFA is a strong deterrence against automatic take-over of business-critical systems.

The solution however is to

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The 6C Framework - Pivot to The New Normal

Culture – Culture and leadership are intertwined...

Co-creation - Multiple stakeholders bring together their diverse, professional perspectives...

Creativity - Innovation is often grouped into three key types - Breakthrough; Sustaining; and Efficiency...

Collaboration - This is a key element within a modern workplace. Without it...

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