Services - To Complement And Enhance Your Existing IT Capabilities

Does your team or service provider lack some of the skills you need to take on the next big project?

We offer plug-and-play Cloud and IT expertise, which many businesses lack in their in-house IT or project teams. We offer specialist skill sets to aid you whenever you’re undertaking complicated technology projects. We will be there for you through every stage of the project lifecycle, from offering guidance and advice, through to implementing and integrating systems, and finally monitoring and managing them – through conception to completion so you can see results.

Technology Consulting

Helping You Make Better Choices

Data centres or the Cloud? Software-as-a-service or Infrastructure-as-a-service? Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS? Confused? Don’t be!

By partnering with Aplomb Cloud, you’ll be collaborating with experts who can help you unlock value and make choices that align with your business goals.

We will help you adopt best-practices and adapt to changing environments. We offer:

≻ Virtual CIO/ Virtual IT Director

≻ Cloud-IT and business strategy planning

≻ Security and Network audits and advice

≻ Risk and readiness assessment for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud adoption

≻ Cloud automation, orchestration and management

≻ Capacity planning and cost optimisation

≻ Cloud brokerage and Vendor selection

Implementation and Integration Services

Cloud And IT Services That Delight Our Customers

Is your business focused on generating new leads and serving existing customers, or is it too busy firefighting broken IT systems and processes? Is your service provider or IT team keeping pace with rapidly-changing digital landscape? Can your IT Infrastructure handle the variations and uncertainties of the new normal?

At Aplomb Cloud, we complement and enhance our customers’ Cloud and IT skills. Our service offerings are tailored to meet the needs of individual customers, and we put great value on building trust.

Our customers most commonly ask for:

≻  Data Backup, Archiving and Recovery

≻ Disaster Recovery

≻ Integration services for current IT Systems, the Cloud, and SaaS

≻ Migration and modernisation of applications and workloads to the public Cloud

≻ IT Security-Network design and implementations

≻ On-site and remote delivery capabilities

Monitoring and Management Services

AI-Powered IT Monitoring And Management. Effective Decision-Making

Monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure isn’t just necessity; it can give you rich insights into the system’s behaviour and business performance.

Aplomb Cloud’s AI-powered monitoring and management systems keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently AND transform data from monitored data into analytics that will aid decision-making. Our services include:

≻ Remote/Virtual Network Operations Centre

≻ Incident Management

≻ Change and Problem Management

≻ Up-to 24/7 Support

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